Romanized Numa-Gozen
Kanji 沼御前
Kana ぬまごぜん
Meaning Swamp lady
Type Animal form
Places Fukushima Prefecture

Numa-Gozen (沼御前, Numa-Gozen) is a yokai from Japanese folklore.


Numa-Gozen is said to resides within Lake Numazawa of Fukushima prefecture. Stories says that Numa-Gozen is a big snake living in the Lake, and can turn into a young girl. In swamp areas, this temptress lures unsuspecting farmers close to the water then drags them in.

According to the legends, she has a six meter-long hair, and can cast a storm and contains fatal venom within her body. She was very violent towards humanity and repeatedly caused havoc on humanity. She was thought to be slain during Kamakura Period, but several other stories indicate she survived.

There is a Numa-Gozen Shrine nearby the lake and a festival depicting the slain of the serpentine yōkai has been held annually on the first Sunday of August.



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