Yokai Wiki
Romanized Mokumokuren
Kanji 目目連
Kana もくもくれん
Meaning Many-eyed muraji
Type Tsukumogami
Book(s) Konjaku Hyakki Shūi

Mokumokuren (目目連, Mokumokuren) is a very common yokai that often lives in torn shoji (paper sliding doors) of ancient homes in Japan, though they can also be found in tatami mats or walls. They can only be removed if you cover up the holes. According to the Japanese, they are the traditional inhabitants of abandoned houses.


The paper sliding doors and windows, called shōji, found in Japanese houses can be easily damaged, and if not properly taken care of can become riddled with holes. When these shōji have gone a very long time without repair, ghostly eyes can begin to pop out of the holes, watching all that goes on inside of the house.

Mokumokuren are harmless, but incredibly creepy. They often work in concert with other tsukumogami, though, and are usually a sign of a greater infestation of yokai.

Mokumokuren are said to be an invention of Toriyama Sekien.