Romanized Mezu
Kanji 馬頭
Kana めず
Meaning Horse head
Other names Mezuki
Type Oni

Mezu (馬頭, Mezu) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


Gozu and Mezu are the two guardians of the gates of hell in Japanese mythology.

Though Gozu and Mezu are the most famous and most commonly depicted in story and art, they are not the only animal-headed demons in Great King Enma’s employ. Deer, tiger, lion, and boar-headed demons are also said to serve among the upper ranks of the guardians of hell. They operate the great torture chambers of Jigoku and oversee the torment of countless souls. Gozu, Mezu, and other animal-headed demons originate in Indian mythology, which was imported along with Buddhism to Japan by way of China.


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