Japanese name 瓶長
Romanized name Kameosa
Meaning Long bottle
Type Tsukumogami
Book(s) Gazu Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro

Kameosa (瓶長, Kameosa) is a possessed old jar usually containing sake or water that sometimes can take up humanoid features. Though it may seem frightening because of it's appearance,(hairy limbs, face full of cracks), Kameosa are actually beneficial, since any liquid inside them never will run out.


This tsukumo-gami must have been treated well by its owner, for it is one of the few bakemono that is outright benign towards humans. This old saké jar is fairly frightening to look upon, with its hairy goblin limbs and a face made out of cracks. But when it has been left unused for many years, soaking up magic from heaven and earth, it spontaneously begins to produce an inexhaustible supply of rice wine, water, or possibly any fluid one might put into it.