Romanized Gyūkan
Kanji 牛癇
Kana ぎゅうかん
Meaning Cow "kan" (kind of infection)
Other names Kiukan
Type Unknown

Gyūkan (牛癇, Gyūkan) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


Gyūkan is a type of kan no mushi—a creature which causes distemper and irritability in children. Kan no mushi can take many shapes and infect many parts of the body. A gyūkan is a kan no mushi which takes the shape of a cow and infects the lungs. It has a long tongue and sharp hooves. The lower part of its body is red.

Gyūkan tend to act up when their hosts eat and drink. From their position in the lungs, they can sense when food enters the throat. They become very excited, and cause their hosts to faint.

There are many of ways to treat it with acupuncture. However, as it grows older its horns become longer and sharper, and recovery becomes more difficult.


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