Chabukuro by shotakotake-d77ed6k
Romanized Chabukuro
Kanji 茶袋
Kana ちゃぶくろ
Meaning Tea bag
Type Unknown
Places Kochi Prefecture,
Wakayama Prefecture

Chabukuro (茶袋, Chabukuro) is a yōkai from Japanese folklore.


Originating in the Kochi prefecture, Chabukuro is a yōkai which closely resembles the common domestic teabag. It is reported to float along dark roads, as if suspended in the air by an invisible string, and is known to spread disease by touch or by ingestion. It can often be much larger than its domestic namesake.

In addition to appearing as a suspended apparition, Chabukuro is reported to drop from the sky, or to be found floating in streams and rivers. One tale tells of how another yōkai dropped Chabukuro near graves in order to spread disease to mourners.


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