Japanese name 屏風のぞき
Romanized name Byōbunozoki
Type Tsukumogami
Book(s) Konjaku Hyakki Shūi

Byōbunozoki (屏風のぞき, 屛風闚 or びょうぶのぞき, Byōbunozoki) is a tsukumogami type yōkai that appears in Toriyama Sekien's Konjaku Hyakki Shūi 1781.

Description Edit

According to the commentary on "The Pursuit of the Hundreds of Early Episodes", Kaiseki is a youkai looking into a person from the outside of the screen, and it is said that it peeps at the other side of the 7-fold screen. According to Chinese classics, the Qin Emperor is said to have jumped over the screen of Xianyang Palace when killed, but the 7-fold screen in commentary on Ishiyan is the screen of this Xianyang Palace.From this, it is pointed out that Kaiseki is a work created by Ishiro based on Chinese classics, while on the other hand, the folding screen of the bedroom which has been watching the secret of many men and women.There is also a theory that it is a breeze in the thing that became a minded god.

The novelist Yasano Riyo's book "Travel of Tohoku Ghost Story" entitled "Screen of a Screened Screen",where the following ghost stories in Akita prefecture are stated.A samurai named Nishida Kiyonemon lives in Senboku gun Kakunoda got married and from this marriage he had beautiful beautiful girls and became a reputation.But on the first night of the futon, when Kiyonemon attempted to embrace the new wife, a woman who was thin from the shade of the folding screens surrounding him watched long peeping. When asked from where he came, when he asked, "He is a peeping woman," he asserts.The same woman appeared the next evening, so when Kiyonemon stopped setting up the folding screen and put it in the collection, the peeping woman ceased appearing. Later that, this screen was dedicated to the temple.