Japanese name 波山
Romanized name Basan
Meaning Onomatopoeic; the sound of
its flapping wings
Other names Basabasa, Inuhōō
Type Animal form
Places Ehime Prefecture
Book(s) Ehon Hyaku Monogatari

Basan (波山 or ばさん, Basan) is a foul like bird that lives in the mountains of Iyo Province. It resembles a large chicken and breathes ghost fire from it's mouth. Due to the fire having a temperature akin to that of a will-o-wisp, it does not burn. Supposedly, if a human hears the bird flapping its wings and looks outside, the bird vanishes.


Basan are very rare birds found only in the mountains of Ehime, on the island of Shikoku. They are roughly the size of a turkey, and shaped like a chicken. They are easily recognized by their brilliantly colored plumage and bright red comb, which appears like tongues of flame. Their most notable feature is their breath, which flows visibly from their mouth just as a dragon’s fire; however, the flame gives off no heat, nor does it ignite combustible material.

Basan are very rare and entirely nocturnal, thus little is known about their behavior. They make their homes in remote bamboo groves, far from human activity. Their diet consists of charred wood and embers, and they have been known to occasionally wander into remote villages at night to feast on the remains of bonfires or charcoal. When pleased or startled, basan beat their wings, creating the distinctive rustling “basabasa” sound from which they get their name. People who have witnessed this action report that the birds vanish into thin air when they realize they have been noticed.