Japanese name 足まがり
Romanized name Ashi-Magari
Meaning Leg turner
Type Unknown
Places Kagawa Prefcture

Ashi-Magari (足まがり, Ashi-Magari) is a ghostly phenomenon from the folklore of Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku, Japan. It is a soft thing, like a kitten or a wad of cotton, which is felt wrapping itself around a person's leg at night, impeding the ability to walk.


On the island of Shikoku, strange occurances are often attributed to the wiles of the raccoon dog, and this nocturnal phenomenon from Kagawa prefecture is no exception. Like the sune-kosuri, the ashi-magari is felt coiling around the legs of people walking at night, eventually becoming a hindrance and making it difficult or impossible to move. Those who bend down to touch it feel something soft like raw cotton, and if they squeeze it tightly, the ashi-magari is said to feel something like the tail of an animal.

While it is not generally visible, it is often believed to be the trick of a tanuki.