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Romanized Akamata
Kana アカマタ
Meaning Name of a Japanese snake
Type Animal form
Places Okinawa Prefecture

Akamata (アカマタ, Akamata) is a yōkai from Japanese mythology. It is also name of a Japanese snake.


Little is known about the Akamata. It is a serpent-yōkai that lives on Okinawa's Yaeyama Islands. Akamata probably appears as a woman. It is also said (well some) to be a visiting god is disguise.

She is said to have an intense hatred for the many men that appear on the island. She disguises herself as a visiting god in order to profit from the water of life, and longs to overpower them for good.

In media

  • Akamata is also a character from the "Gegege no Kitarō" anime and manga series. Akamata is depicted as a male serpent-yōkai.


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